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Sapphire and Sage

When their parents were murdered, twin sisters Sapphire and Sage, were separated to keep them safe. That was 22 years ago. Now, just before their 25th birthday, they are reunited only to learn the true reason for their parent’s murder, magic. They are the current generation in a long line of powerful witches. Their family tree seems cursed, with tragedy and death haunting each generation, traced as far back as the 1700s.

The Night Rage Coven is a group of power hungry demons with the ability to steal magic as long as they can kill the last of a bloodline. When the twins inherit their powers, they become the latest target of the Coven. They must learn to work together and control their new magic before it is too late. Will they survive the hunt or will the bloodline end with them? Read an excerpt here

When Death Calls

A serial killer is plaguing the city .  He first stalks his victims and torments them with obscene phone calls.  Once he grows tired of the game, he rapes and kills them, leaving behind little to no evidence.  Detective Alex Neeman and his partner David Cross must work together to find the killer before the body count raises much more.  But when Cross ends up murdered by the side of the road, Neeman is left to solve the puzzle by himself. When his ex-wife goes missing, will he be able to put the pieces together before it's too late?  Read an excerpt here.

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