Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Even There - Short Story Review

Title: Not Even There

Author: J. Scott Sharp

Released: April 27, 2012

Print Length: 13 pages

File Size: 98 KB

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Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of the novel in order to review. This however did not influence my review in any way.

Great Twist on the Teenage Love Triangle! 

In the short story, Not Even There, Roger is one of the students that seem to fade into the background at school, and so is his best friend, David. They’ve been friends for years and have been through so much together that it seems nothing can break the bond they’ve forged. In fact, they are more like brothers of sorts than friends. But when David tells Roger he is in love with Libby (who happens to be the girl he is head over heels for as well) things begin to sour quickly. Roger must decide if his heart is more important than his friendship, and quickly. If he makes the wrong choice, there will be consequences no one can foresee.

Sharp transported me right back to high school. I immediately felt a connection with the main character, Roger. I remember well the insecurities I felt as a teen, especially when it comes to romantic interests and friendships that can be quite delicate at times. Sharp manages to get into the head of a teenage boy and show the emotions so realistically that one can’t help but get absorbed into the story.

Not Even There reminded me why I usually don’t read short stories; I always want more. I’m glad I had a chance to read this one though and am looking forward to reading more works by Sharp in the future.

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