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The Grimoire: Lichgates - A book review and more!

Title: The Grimoire Lichgates (Book 1 of the Trilogy)

Author: S.M. Boyce

Released: Oct. 14th, 2011

Print Length: 408 pages

File Size: 674 KB

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Disclaimer: I did win a free copy of this book from the author during a Twitter event. This however did not influence my review in any way.

A Delightfully Witty and Exciting Fantasy Novel! 

Definitely a Must Read!

In her debut fantasy novel, The Grimoire: Lichgates, S.M. Boyce successfully engages the reader in a wonderful yet at time terrifying new world, Ourea. Kara Magari has no idea of the journey she faces when she first discovers a magical book that transports her to Ourea. After losing her mother, Kara must deal with the fact that her father (and everything else she’s known and loved) is gone as well. Throughout her adventures in Ourea, Kara meets quite the cast of characters, some who are delighted that there is now a new Vagabond (Kara), and others not so much, but all of which seem to have an agenda of their own.

Boyce does such a wonderful job at creating a world that at times I forgot it wasn’t real. While reading, I began to understand the culture, the politics, and even in some ways the very magical essence of Ourea. And while I wouldn’t want to take on the new responsibilities Kara must deal with, at times I was definitely envious of her chance to see some of the beautiful sights that this world bestowed. There were only a few times where I would get lost in the details and descriptions, though I’ll admit this may be more to do with staying up way past my bedtime to see what happened next, rather than due to any flaw in the writing. The dialogue between the characters is often witty and the banter between Kara and Braeden made me laugh many times. The only time the dialogue ever seemed awkward or forced, was when it fit the situation which made the scenes all the more realistic.

The only complaint that I had upon finishing the novel was that it simply wasn’t long enough. I wanted more and am eagerly looking forward to the next two books. In the mean time, I intend to read Lichgates at least once or twice more!

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