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The Sin Collector - The Book Review

Title: The Sin Collector

Author: Jessica Fortunado

Released: Feb. 6th, 2012

Print Length: 134 pages

File Size: 230 KB

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Now for the review:

Very Thought Provoking!  

Excellent Take on the Sins of Mankind!

In The Sin Collector Jessica Fortunato makes the reader weigh the consequences of their sins, without passing judgment. Her novel introduces a new type of immortal, the Collectors, who spend their days collecting the sins of mortals, easing the burden those sins place upon mortal souls. Those actions come with a hefty price for the Collectors.

Liliana is 120 years old and has spent the last century of her life in loneliness. Being around humans hurts too much for her as she always feels their sins and being with her own kind is deadly. She has what most humans would die for, immortality. Lily doesn’t have to eat or sleep and can’t be physically hurt, though she seems to try a few times during her love affair with her motorcycle. The only way for a Collector to die is at the hands of the Castus, and supposedly they’ve been gone for years. Yet, there is an ache inside her that continues to grow. Immortality doesn’t come cheap, she must be careful not to allow anyone too close for fear they discover her secret. Just as she begins to accept her fate of being alone for the rest of eternity a figure from her childhood reappears during a set of strange events. Will he be her salvation or her damnation? Suddenly everything she thought she knew about being a Collector is cast in a shadow of doubt.

Fortunato does a fantastic job of creating a back story full of myths to explain the existence of Collectors and makes these myths truly believable. There is an immediate connection to the main character and I was quickly drawn into her world. I felt her emotions and had the same questions she had throughout the novel. There was just enough sarcasm to the dialogue without going overboard and sounding fake or unlikeable. I was able to find myself rooting for Lily during her adventures and felt her heartbreak as if it were my own when her beliefs are shattered and joy for her when things went her way.

This book touched my heart in that it made me wonder who has had to live with the burden of my own sins. It made me think of my life and how I have lived it, and would I do anything differently if I knew there were really Collectors there to take on that burden. Overall this book is one of my new favorite must read novels. The only negative I found was that I was disappointed once I reached the end of the book. It was much shorter than I realized and found myself wishing there were at least a few more chapters. Though there is an upside to my disappointment, I am now eagerly anticipating the next book in the series!

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