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Coven and Coffin Blog Hop Day 5 (Happy Halloween!)

Vampire Flynn Forced into Costume 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderfully haunted Halloween :) Today is day five of the Coven and Coffin Blog Hop. Stay tuned for daily for a new character costume from the main characters of our books. Each blog in the hop has a special treat in store for you from ghost stories, to recipes, and even a murder mystery!

Flynn from Peter Dawes' The Vampire Flynn series begrudgingly puts on a costume this year:

Me: Hey, guys! Greetings to you all and thanks for having us on your blog, Kayleigh. For this Halloween, my vampire assassin, Flynn, has volunteered to dress up in costume!

Flynn: No, I did not.

Me: *sighs* Flynn, please be polite for our host. This is a costume party, you know.

Flynn: Then I am wearing a black suit and sunglasses.

Me: You always wear a suit and sunglasses.

Flynn: Well then, I have very little preparing to do.

Me: I swear, arguing with you is impossible. *scratches head. looks around and sees Monica* Monica, come over here, would you? I’m having trouble getting Flynn to dress up for Halloween.

Monica: *wanders over, stealing a quick glance at Flynn while lifting both hands to settle on her hips* Huh. That a fact? *raises an eyebrow at the recalcitrant vampire* No playing along, Flynny?

Flynn: *bristles* I see no need to indulge these mindless festivities.

Monica: That’s why you’re always the life of the party. *looks back at the writer* So what’d you want me to do about it?

Me: *throws up hands* Anything. Force him into something if you have to.

Monica: You want me to dress him? *lips curl in a playful grin* Deal. *walks over to Flynn, grabbing him by the hand and practically dragging him into another room*

*from elsewhere, the sounds of a scuffle reach the writer, replete with swearing and what sounds like glass breaking. the writer blinks, motioning once or twice to go in there and see what’s going on. it’s only a few minutes later that the duo finally emerge, Monica brushing her hands off and Flynn wearing a set of rabbit ears on his head, whiskers drawn on his face, and a white cottontail stuck to his rear end*

Me: *cups hand over mouth, trying not to burst into hysterics*

Monica: Mission accomplished.

Flynn: This is rather undignified. *motions to remove the ears*

Monica: Ut, ut, ut. *lifts hand, waggling a finger* Touch ‘em and I’ll pin the tail to something more uncomfortable than your ass.

Flynn: *lowers hand slowly and sighs in resignation*

* * *

About the Author

Peter Dawes is an author of urban fantasy, native to the Philadelphia, PA area. The stories he writes often focus on the paranormal, with real life people being thrown into extraordinary circumstances. The clash of good vs evil and hero vs villain is a staple of his work, though he is never content to leave the hero unscathed by the end of the day. There is always a trial experienced and a lesson learned, even if it’s learned the hard way. Far from being an archetypal author, though, Peter Dawes recognizes that what is black and white is often painted with shades of gray and even the heroes fall while the villains rise above. To Peter, the classic struggle epitomizes something within all of us that digs deep for the last mile, doggedly holds on to love, and sometimes ignores the safe path for the road less traveled. He also may or may not be a vampire. He leaves that for the reader to determine.

About Vampire Flynn Series

As the moon rose over Philadelphia, on January 20, 1983, nobody could have known what was about to happen. Inside a coffee shop, a meeting between a young resident doctor and a redheaded vixen would end with a night of bloodshed. Two people would lay dead inside an apartment near Fairmount Park. A third victim would be claimed when their killer ran into the waiting arms of a vampire.

Rather than being met with eternal condemnation, however, Dr. Peter Dawes would wake several days later as a new creature. No longer possessing a pulse and with sharp teeth itching for purchase on human skin, Peter’s first days as an immortal would blossom into five years of decadent, sadistic killing. Exchanging the scalpel for a dagger and the scrubs for a suit, the man who once sought to heal would come to be known as the deadliest vampire ever to wield a sword. The covens referred to him as the Black Rose Assassin. To his maker, Sabrina, he was known as Flynn.

Her instrument in an ambitious struggle to gain control of the city, Flynn amassed a collection of conquests. All the while, secrets circled around him, speaking of special gifts and a human destiny left behind upon his turning. It would take an immortal named Anthony, a mysterious pendant, and a human sorceress named Monica for Flynn to learn the truth behind his turning. And what resulted would send a shockwave from the City of Brotherly Love outward to the rest of the world.

Join Flynn on his journey from ruthless assassin to immortal seer. In a mission which takes him to Chicago, Seattle, and the darkest corners of the globe, a vampire will reconnect with his humanity and a villain will become a reluctant hero. Along the way, wicked immortals, unlikely allies, and a society of gifted humans called the Supernatural Order will test the mettle of the reformed killer. In the end, a man divided will be forced to reconcile with his darkness, and two beings shall emerge from one.

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