Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Poem and Blog Hop Info

Ready for Halloween? I know I am! It is my favorite time of the year. Here's a little poem I wrote as a challenge for a writing group I belong to. The rules were it had to use the word midnight, each line had to increase by one word up to ten then decrease back down to one. The first word also had to be the same as the last word.

Pitch black
Darkness creeps in
I hear a scream
and then something touches me

I begin to shiver and shake
the claws grasp my ankle tighter still
I try to run but I am frozen
My heart pounds against my chest louder and louder
I have to break free from this monster's tight grip

My legs kick out hoping to hit their mark
I scream out but there is no sound
My breath gets caught in my throat
Suddenly the grip begins to loosen
I scramble to get away
Only to quickly realize
There's nothing there
Imagination at

In other Halloween news, I'm participating in an awesome blog hop this year, starting tomorrow. There will be ghost stories, Halloween recipes, tributes to the lost loved ones, a murder mystery, and our main characters will even be telling you about their costumes this year! 6 days of Halloween madness you won't want to miss. Oh and have I mentioned the awesome prizes? There are 14 great prizes up for grabs. Books, jewelry and more from myself and:

Jessica Fortunato, Author of The Sin Collector Series
Noree Cosper, Author of A Prescription for Delirium
Peter Dawes, Author of the Vampire Flynn Series
Kayla Curry, Author of The Mystic Stones Series
M.R. Graham, Author of The Wailing, 
In The Shadow of The Mountains, 
The Truth of the Matter and Proof

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